Leighton House

“The last eighteen months have been a whirlwind of change.

Since the Bee Inspired training I undertook a lot has taken place.

The Home has been refurbished using ideas and concepts from the course. Staff have been involved in every aspect of how the Home is run. We went mufti for a while but following a survey of staff, residents and relatives it became clear that the negatives outweighed the positives.

However the staff voted for a new uniform away from the traditional. It is colourful and bright, to the point where staff opted to buy extra!!

The residents love the colours and comment on them. We had more problems with the male staff picking their style than the female…..vanity!!

We are slowly filling the home with “stuff”. There is music and much more laughter. Though we are always have some form of routines we need to adhere to the old task orientated concept has all but gone.

The question “WHY” is asked of everything we do. Is it the right way? Do we need to do it at all? Who does it benefit? Can it be done better?

Some staff have left us as they were unable to make the change from task orientated to person decided.

We continue changing things, adapting things, trying out new ideas. From all staff being involved in the paperwork (the bane of our lives) and how it is user friendly and relevant – To relatives meetings and residents meetings all coming up with ideas.
This Christmas will be a Victorian Christmas. Our Clinical Lead being Scrooge as he dislikes the commercialism of Christmas!!

The feeling staff have of being able to speak out about things, being able to communicate their views has taken time to develop and some still find it hard to fully believe that what they say matters, but it is getting there.

I hold one resident up as a bench mark. She would eat very little, sometimes days on end drinking only sips of water. Hardly communicating except at times when she became agitated and screamed out. Now she completes jigsaws, dances with entertainers and staff. Eats all her meals and makes sure she lets you know what she doesn’t like!!!

We are a small home but now I feel we have a big heart.

Hope all goes well with other homes and your courses continue to inspire.”

Rodger Bullock Registered Manager Leighton House Aims Care Partnership